We are the innovators and leaders of the super-hydrophobic industrialization
What is superhydrophobic Technology
 When the water is larger than that in the surface contact angle of 90 degrees at the hydrophobic surface; super hydrophobic surface to surface contact angle greater than 150 degrees, the lotus leaf has super hydrophobic properties, the performance of "the silt but don't dye" characteristics, water will quickly converge and quickly rolled on the lotus leaf surface, and take away the dust on the surface. The surface can always keep clean under natural conditions. Therefore, super sparse technology is also called the bionic lotus leaf technology!

The status of super-hydrophobic technology:

Super-hydrophobic technology has been studied for over 30 years. It is not the latest technology. Because the key surface structure is very fragile, it is easily damaged by external environment, so its usability and stability are always insufficient. Before the Yi Jing star, there is no real industrialization in the world that can be solved: 1, mass production; 2, the problem of weather resistance.          
 Easy technology products revolutionary net star, from the team for more than 6 years of research and development efforts unremittingly. The founder of Xiao Pengfei's leadership, we have to realize industrial application of super sparse technology of real significance, and has begun a large-scale production, we will continue to improve the application of product diversity, multi field, and always maintain the role of the leader in the industry innovator, superhydrophobic technology!